The Amurru Washitaw Dedugdahmoundyah Mu'urs lay claim to the following land by and through bloodline: de bourbon Estate, also known as The Emperial International Estate of the Bourbon Hapsburg Empire which includes Western Europe: The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switerland, Germany, Italy, Sicily, Naples, Sardina, Spain, and Portugal. As well as most of North America and Caribbean in addition to Central and South America; and all of North America  west of the Emperial Demarcation Line (1713) or British Royal Proclamation Line (1763).

This is the breakdown of the Royal Emperial Bloodlines for the Washitaw Moors: The young heir to the French Throne, King Louis XVII, married the young heiress to the Washitaw-Tunica Throne, Ayimarieeyah. Their Emperial/Imperial marriage would become official in 1795, pursuant to the conveyance of Spanish Land Grants bestowed upon the young heir, King Louis XVII, and his wife and heiress, Ayimarieeyah. These two would also receive the Imperial Spanish Land Grant of 1763.


As a recipient of both the 1762 and 1795 Spanish Land Grants, King Louis XVII,became known as  Marrquis de Maison Rouge: owner of Louisiana and Florida.


Upon the death of Ayimarieeyah and King Louis XVII, the Titles of Louisiana Dauphin and Regent Marquis de Masion Rouge were conveyed to the next-in-line to the Imperial French Crown, Louis Francis Joseph de Bourbon, Prince de Conti (1734-1814) the son of Louis Francis de Bourbon, Prince de Conti (1717- 1776).


The Daughter of Ayimarieeyah and King Louis XVII married Louis Francis Joseph de Bourbon, Prince de Conti. As the second Marquis de Masion Rouge, Louis Francis Joseph de Bourbon, became the recipient of both the Imperial Spanish Land Grants of 1762 and the Spanish Land Grant of Monroe, Louisiana. With the death of  Joseph de Bourbon, his eldest son, Henry Joseph Turner inherited the Maison Rouge Estate.


Henry Joseph Turner became the recipient of 1762 and 1795  Imperial Spanish Land Grants; making, him the third Marquis de Masion Rouge.


Henry Joseph Turner married Sarah Tunica (Turner); and from this union came their eldest son: Joseph Henry Turner, the fourth Marquis de Masion Rouge 


Prophet Noble Drew Ali was the fifth Marquis de Masion Rouge by and through his mother, Eliza, a daughter of Sarah Tunica and Henry Joseph Turner.


Corrella Turner (Tunica) is the sister of Noble Drew Ali. Corrella's son, John Goston, is married to a direct descendent of Ayimarieeyah and King Louis XVII: Verdiacee Tiara Washington (Washitaw). Empress Verdiacee is the sovereign. Her union with John Goston makes him the sixth Marquis de Masion Rouge.

The Royal Imperial/Emperial bloodlines have never be broken; therfore, ownership of most of North America and other lands belongs to Verdiacee Tiara Washington and her husband, the sixth Marquis de Masion Rouge, John Goston. They are the rightful owners of most of America and lands elsewhere.